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2017 Calendar of Events

Please Save the Dates


August 26th (Nesting Session  6-8 pm) SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED!!!

September 9th (Outing Picnic in the Park)

September 23rd (nesting Session based 10am-1pm) Wedgewood Community Center

October 14th - (nesting Session 10am-1pm) West Florida Geneology Library PJC Campus

October 27th Executive Meeting – Staff only

November 4th  (Fall Fest 10am-1pm)

December 9th - THE GIFT Empowerment session : West FL Library at PJC (10am-1pm)

January 13th 2018 – West FL Downtown Library (10am-1pm)

January 27rh 2018 - West FL Downtown Library (10am-1pm)